Friday, May 28, 2010

Some important web statistics

Browsers: Internet explorer is rapidly losing their market giving way to firefox to rule over the web. While most of the web browsers are making themselves compliant to latest HTML5, IE8 is the most incompatible browser for HTML5.
html5 compatability 2
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check out the following browser statistics

Browser Statistics Month by Month


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Not to mention that web developers should start seriously thinking of making their application run smoothly on Firefox and Chrome as well.

Kindly note that here I do not want to correlate between HTML5 and market share, I just want to share some fronts on which IE is still improving itself to keep its feet still and firm in the market.
In my IE9 preview article, I have shared some links where tech pundits have criticized Microsoft for their poor vision and low sightedness. Google is backing HTML5 big time and so is Firefox. Microsoft was reluctant to make changes and do any kind of experiment with IE. The time went on and Firefox made itself 46% HTML5 compliant in its version 3.5 that wide opened MS eyes and now they are trying hard to put any and everything in IE9 that all their competitor browser has but not IE8.
Netscape, Opera, Safari just to name few started glory but later vanished by IE. With robust security, less loading time, less CPU usage, hundreds of smart addins (all developed by open source community) on the same line Firefox is pushing IE back all the corners.

Display resolution: web developers should concentrate making their application usable for resolution 1024*768 or more. check out this statistics

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There are other interesting statistics as well mentioned on renowned w3schools site, if it interests you, please follow this link

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