Thursday, May 27, 2010

Script# (JavaScript with C#)

There is a good news for people who are expert in C# but are afraid to write complex code in JavaScript. Microsoft has already started working on it and their first internal release has already happened. C# compiler will  compile a class to .js file (instead of IL). You need to import certain libraries and implement IScriptlet to start with. Please note that most of the oops related functionalities like Inheritance, Polymorphism, delegates etc can smoothly be translated into javascript. Couple of C# features like Generics etc are currently kept out of conversion to script.
You might be aware of the fact that the Google has already done the same. They are using J2EE classes which can be converted to javascript. There is another company Morfik who are said to be pioneer into this. They are going to provide this functionality for C#, Java, Pascal and VB (visual basic).

My hats off to Nikhil Kothari with whose vision this javascript compiler will soon be reality in coming days. Please read his blog to know more on Script#

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