Monday, May 31, 2010

index your site by search engines

  • As soon as you create a new blog or site, submit it to google, this will help google to index and cache your site little bit faster.
  •  How will you let the whole world know about your updated content. Google may crawl your blog one day or there might be no day at all. I found autoping service to be very useful in this case. which can automatically ping to all search engines about your content almost as soon as you update them.
  • put your blog url to as many places as you can. for e.g you can give your blog URL in your facebook, linkedin, orkut, twitter profile. You can use tools like bloglink (in linkedin) which will bring your every new post before whole world or atleast to people in your network.
  • Create new account at BlogCatalog( ) and mybloglog ( and ( )and submit your blog. These sites are indexed very frequently and soon after submitting your blog you will find it listed in google search results.
  • you can submit your site to some search engines. If your site gets started coming up as the result in one of the search engine, it is highly likely that it will start coming up as the result from other search engine too. for e.g. on every update submit your site to
  • the most important of above all is to create backlinks from other popular sites to your site. As many backlinks you will create, as good your site indexing and ranking will be. for e.g. create an account to aspnet forum ( ) submit your queries, answer other people queries but don't forget to mention your site or blog name everytime. these forums are indexed every day and hence so your blog or site name. There is an option to mention  your blog or site name while creating your signature, by doing so you will never bother to mention everytime your site name since your signature will be appended to your every post.
  • integrate google analytics ( ) with your site to see how your visitors like you and add more and more of content of visitors' choice
  • Your site is as good to be indexed as popular it is and the popularity of your site would be decided by the no. of visitors of your site. You would like to attract new visitors but like to keep your old visitors and crave them to visit your site again and again. To keep your visitors alive on your site, give them options to subscribe to your site and its content. Provide them all easy options to subscribe to your site through its feed.
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