Friday, June 25, 2010

Cool Visual Studio 2008/2010 extensions (plugins)

I have found couple of very useful VS extensions. I would like to recommend them to everyone using Visual studio 2008 or 2010. They are absolutely free to use.

VS Command: Some of the interesting features of my choice are as following ( please refer for all details)
  • Grouping & Ungrouping items – you can group and ungroup items using IDE, something you would normally need to edit project file (DependentUpon) 
  • Locate in solution - some people don’t like auto tracking of current item in solution explorer but would like to locate current item on demand. It’s now easy to achieve, simply rightclick in code editor, select ‘Locate in Solution’ from context menu and current item will be highlighted in solution explorer.  
  • Copy/Paste As Link  - You can create shortcuts to files and group them for later instant use
  • Copy/Paste Referencessupports assembly, project and ActiveX references
  • Open Command Prompt - Opens Visual Studio Command Prompt in a location of selected item (solution,project, project item or reference).
  • Open File Location
    Open file location works on solution items, link items and references.
  • Build Summary

    1. Build Output has a summary section appended at the end of it.
    2. The summary contains information about time it took to build each project and total build time.
Download link:
VSCommands 2008
VSCommands 2010

Power Command: Interesting features of my choice (read full article on Power Command for VS 2008 and Power Command for VS 2010 ) You will get download link from same articles.

  • Email CodeSnippet - To email the lines of text you select in the code editor, right-click anywhere in the editor and then click Email CodeSnippet. 
  • Undo Close - This command reopens a closed document , returning the cursor to its last position. To reopen the most recently closed document, point to the Edit menu, then click Undo Close. Alternately, you can use the CtrlShiftZ shortcut.
    To reopen any other recently closed document, point to the View menu, click Other Windows, and then click Undo Close Window. The Undo Close window appears, typically next to the Output window. Double-click any document in the list to reopen it.
  • Collapse Projects - This command collapses a project or projects in the Solution Explorer starting from the root selected node.
  • Copy As Project Reference - This command copies a project as a project reference to the clipboard. It can be executed from a project node.
  • Extract Constant - This command creates a constant definition statement for a selected text. Extracting a constant effectively names a literal value, which can improve readability. This command can be executed from the code editor by right-clicking selected text.
Productivity Power Tools:  

Productivity Power Tools

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