Thursday, July 21, 2011

Javascript intellisense in Visual Studio 2010

Web developers always found difficult to write code when it comes to writing in any scripting language. There are many reasons contributing to it like lack of debugging features, intellisense support, no early catch on errors etc. If you know what editors like Visual Studio gives you for other contemporary strongly typed language (C#, VB.NET etc) you will find difference of an era.

I am an ardent user of Visual Studio and would like to share with you that there are many good features  that have been bundled with VS 2010 to support intellisense and debugging for JavaScript. If you know them all, you will surely thank Visual Studio team for making your life easy like never before.

Let me explain some of the intellisense support here.

Type inference in JavaScript

JavaScript is a dynamic language and does not support explicit type declarations, due to which, earlier there used to be a generic pop up showing properties for all types. VS2010 can now infer the type as soon as the assignment happens and shows only relevant properties. See the below example, it is showing the properties applicable to a number.

As you know, being a loose typed language, I can change type of any variable at any time. so what if at some point of time i assign a string to my variable "num".

You can see, now VS intellisense shows me properties only relevant to a string. Great, isn't it!!
Kindly note that it does not matter that you are writing inline scripting or inside an external file. Same intellisense works beautifully at all the places.

You can see above, it now shows the properties of a DOM element only.

Intellisense to Functions

Why you have always been asked to decorate your methods with comments during your code review, it is not just to let others understand more about your functions right there but also to give descriptive knowledge to the consumer of your methods about how that method can be called, what purpose that method serve, information about parameters and returning object etc.
By default, VS can show you the name of the function and input parameter if it is put correctly in the scope.

Let say I have written a method "FOO" in my test.js

I included my test.js correctly in my aspx page and now call the method

You can see, without looking at the external file, I know what parameters "foo" expects and can correctly call it.

Wonder, if you could also add some intellisense hint to your method? check this now.

put a summary block under your function as following. this is written exactly the same way, you write it on top of your C#,VB.NET method. so don't need to remember the template, just copy it from any of your C#/VB code page.

and now let me call the method once again and let the magic continue

Getting intellisense amongst external JS files

Do you feel jittery when you need to call a function but don't know how to exact type it and the function is hidden somewhere under the plethora of JS files you are referring in your page (Javascript is case sensitive) or what if you want to make sure you don't write the function with the same name written elsewhere, or just for the sake of simplicity of coding you want everything under the scope (variable, functions etc) visible infront of you before writing even a single line of code as it happens when you write code in C# (you can see every public/protected/internal/private class/methods in the intellisense as per the scope).

There can be many reasons, you always desired intellisense to be available not just inline but also spanning it across external files as well under the scope. Let me tell you it is fairly possible with VS 2010.

Let say I created a new js file and want to reference my test.js (having function FOO, as explained above). What you need to do, just go drag your test.js into your new javascript file. VS automatically add the reference in following manner

Now you have complete access to everything written in test.js to your new file. You can add as many references as you want in  your new file. VS interpreter will automatically discover that file and present you the full intellisense support.

Hope the article would have given you some insight on inbuilt intellisense support of JavaScript in VS. You can explore more on it and be able to write faster code with lesser number of errors.

Happy coding and thanks for reading!

Credit goes to Scott Gu. Reference article:

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